Novocan Social

Social Platforms

We have social media experts that work on the following platforms.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, LinkedIn & Pinterest.

Build your company's Reputation

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Page Setup

If you don’t have a social media page we will set one up for you.  If you have a page, we will work on it to make sure that it carries the right look and feel to represent your business appropriately.

Gain a Social Presence

Increase Fanbase

In social media you want to gain more likes, followers, friends and viewers.  Our experts will target potential customers to grow the list of people who get updates from you on the daily basis.

Grow your Customer Base

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Constant Contact

With social media you can immediately deliver updates and news to customers.  In order to have a successful social campaign you need to constantly post relevant information to your site.  New posts keep your customers engaged and raises the status of your social site.

Gain Positive Attention

Our Process All Social Media projects go through a specific process to ensure that all customer needs are met; Social Media flow & process is closely reviewed to ensure optimal results are reached. Each Social media project goes through the following process.

Establish Social Presence

Pick the most effective social networks that we will post to and optimize.

Setup & Update

Build powerful social media pages that attract and retain customers.

Establish Target Audience

Determine the type of customer we want to target in our social campaign.

Begin Posting

Posting relevant data about your business to your social media sites.