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TOP Search Rankings

Get your website to the top spot on Google, Bing & Yahoo searches.  Search engines are the still the most popular way for consumers to search for products and services they’re looking to purchase.  Occupying the top spot on key terms can significantly increase your business.

Gain Visibility

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Strategic Targeting

The SEO market is highly competitive, our staff researches strategic key terms that can maximize your business exposure while limiting your costs.  Finding the right keywords to optimize & targeting the right categories is the most important part of the optimization process.

Focused Solutions

Onsite/Offsite Optimization

Optimization has to be done on your website and off.  All website content needs to be updated, accurate and relevant to the keywords we’re optimizing.  We also build optimization key terms directly into the website code.  Offsite optimization is done by advertising and mentioning your website on relevant blogs.  We also list your website on all local search engines; generating a conversation about your business grabs the attention of Google and other search engines, in turn it improves your search engine rankings.

Multi Level Strategy

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Social Posts

Social media sites are a great way to drive search engine interest in your website.  Our optimization team will activate your website on social media in order to create live backlinks.  Live backlinks help generate traffic and increase your website page rankings.

Multi Platform Targeting

Our Process All SEO projects go through a specific process.; SEO flow & process is closely reviewed to ensure optimal results are reached. All SEO projects goes through the following steps.

Keywords List

Find the right keywords to target & grow your business.

Google Maps Account

Gain access to and optimize your Google Maps account.

Assign A Team

Assign a team to begin your website marketing campaign.

Onsite Optimization

Optimize the website code to better position specific keywords.

Offsite optimization

Market your website on relevant blogs, forums, social media networks and websites.

Achieve results

Watch your website climb up in all search rankings.