Reputation of a developer

Reputation of a developer

Web, software and app developers have established a weak reputation among IT professionals, CTO’s, CIO’s and other IT managers.  Often time developers over promise and under deliver; sometimes they don’t have the team in place to deliver on the scope of the project or they underestimated the cost and skill it takes to complete.

In the development business we more often than not find a potential customer unhappy with their current website, app or software; infact I could argue that the potential for growth in the web and software development industry is directly tied to upgrades and improvements that one company can make in comparison to a competitor.

At Novocan we aim to provide a different experience.  We manage every project end to end, with the customer needs stationed at the heart of everything we do.  Unlike other web and software developers, our prices do not change, we do not water down projects and we do not over-promise on delivery dates.

Our ability to deliver on budget and on time is what has set us apart from the competition, and it’s one of the major reasons we have become one of the top web design, app development and software development companies in Detroit over the past 2 years.

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