Free App Offer

Free App Offer

Every week customers come to us with great ideas for apps or software, many of the customers have already thought through all the development obstacles and marketing strategies. Unfortunately cost often prevents many of these great ideas from coming to market!  At Novocan we would like to offer a helping hand by building an application at no cost to the customer.  The customer can focus on the idea itself, rather than spend time trying to figure out how to finance it.  If this first trial is successful, we look forward to continuing this program for the forseeable future!

Here are the terms and conditions for the app offer!

  1. Novocan will be accepting applications through 11:59 pm on Friday April 28.
  2. A winner will be chosen on Monday May 1st.
  3. We ask for a brief description of your application to make sure that the app is legal, marketable and feasible.  We will never share your app idea or build it independently.
  4. All aspects of the application must be legal in the United States.
  5. We will not select an application that promotes pornographic materials, smoking, drinking, drugs, hate or violence of any kind.
  6. Novocan will build the full application, however any recurring costs or subscriptions will be the customers responsibility.  The customer will be fully informed about all potential recurring costs associated with the app.
  7. The winning app must have a retail cost that doesn’t exceed $70,000.
  8. The winning idea will be an application that our team believes will be successful and sustainable.
  9. Only one submission per idea.

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