Novocan FAQ

I filled out a form online, how long will it take for you to get back to me?

We will call or email you within 1 business day.

How long does it take to change something on my website or app?

To make a change to a website or app reach out in Slack to your dedicated project manager and they will get in contact with our programmers to make the change as quickly as possible. The time table varies based on the details of the request and the number of items we have int he queue.  The project manager will ask for clarification if necessary!

Do I own my website/app or do you own it?

All items paid for by the customer are in-fact customer property.  If the customer paid for the services rendered then they retain full control of all source code and content.

Can you help me get followers on Twitter and Facebook?

We can certainly help you increase the number of people that like your business on all social networks. We have a variety of different strategies to grow your customer base.

If I decided to advertise with you who designs my ads and do I have final say on things?

The client manages their own social media accounts. If the account was created by our staff, the log in credentials will be turned over to the customer once our work is done.

How fast can you build a website or app?

This is a tricky questions. Some websites can be built in a day and others take months to complete; the amount of time a website takes to go live is based on the features that the client requests from us and the availability of the content. Standard websites will go live in 21 business days or less.  Apps are more complicated and it fully depends on the features and flow of the app.  The typical timeline on an app is 3 to 4 months but that could vary based on complexity and detail.

How many email addresses can I get for my website?

There is no limit on the number of email addresses you can have.  We offer two free email accounts “[email protected]” with our hosting packages.  If you wanted more than two email addresses there is a small cost involved.

Who manages my social media accounts?

If you enroll in one of our ad programs we are responsible for designing all of your ads. All the ads will be designed professionally to yield the most results. The customer does have final say on all ads and changes can be made. In some cases the customer may have to take on extra costs to make the changes requested. All those details will be covered by your advertising consultant.