About Novocan

Mission Statement

In a world where being online and active has become a necessity, Novocan provides a variety of quality online services to companies of all sizes. Our goal is to help businesses meet today’s challenges and attain their full potential through measured strategies by incorporating our technology and expertise in their day to day activities.


In an attempt to level the playing field between companies of all sizes, Novocan aims to allow consumers to build the resources they need quickly and affordably. Our goal is a better competitive market from which every consumer would benefit.

About Novocan

Novocan L.L.C is a well established development company working with businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to give each individual and/or business the same resources and tools that larger companies enjoy. All of our efforts and services are geared towards growing our client’s business.

We help our customers cut costs with our various consultation programs. We also help customers grow their business with our web, mobile application and social media initiatives.

As a company we take pride in the fantastic customer service that we provide. Our first and most important initiative is customer satisfaction; we spare no resource to make sure that our customers needs are met within an adequate time frame. All customer inquiries are returned within 24 hours.

Novocan is targeted towards growing businesses, it is in our DNA to offer affordable services. We have built an efficient company that allows us to provide our customers with world class customer service and a great product at an affordable rate.

Our Team

Athar Gebara Co - Founder

Bachelors in accounting from Balamand University; graduated as valedictorian.  With Novocan since the beginning.

Mohamad Abdulaziz Founder

Masters in business management, bachelors in business management and a bachelors in communication.  With Novocan since the beginning.

Jacob Gebara Online Support

Bachelors degree in communication from Easter Michigan University.  With Novocan since January 2016.

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Mark Anderson Network Admin

Bachelors degree in computer science from Kent State University.  With Novocan since May 2014.

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Ashley Gomez WordPress Developer

Self taught WordPress developer. 7 years of development experience.  With Novocan since October 2014.

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Shawn Douglas iOS Developer

Bachelors in computer software from Michigan State University.  With Novocan since April 2016.

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Jonathan Moody iOS Developer

Bachelors in software engineering from Fresno State University.  With Novocan since June 2016.

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Gregory Smith Android Developer

Bachelors in fine arts from Wayne State University.  With Novocan since August 2015.

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Erica Przybylski Android Developer

Masters degree and bachelors degree in software engineering from Michigan State University.  With Novocan since December 2014.

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Evana Keely Online Support

Attending Wayne County Community College.  With Novocan since September 2016.

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Jessica Rodriguez Web Developer

Bachelors in communication management from the University of Michigan.  With Novocan since February 2015.

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Lindsey Talbot Backend Developer

Bachelors degree in computer science from Grand Valley State University.  With Novocan since October 2015.

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Karla Yang Backend Developer

Masters in computer science and bachelors in computer science from Kansas State University.  With Novocan since May 2016.